Mummy/Daddy and Me – Dance and Movement:
This class is suitable for any child under 3 who is not yet ready to leave mum or dad’s side! The focus is on movement and enjoyment! Children will learn to identify different parts of their body, and ways in which to move them, expressing themselves as different characters, animals, or objects etc. Music, props and stories, together with lots of imagination make for a really fun class, where children can gain confidence and express themselves with the security of having Mum or Dad joining in with them. No uniform is required for this class, however something comfortable and non-restricting is best.

Nursery Dance Classes:
Our Nursery dance classes are taught at a variety of private children’s nurseries. Only children attending the nursery can take part.
The focus is on fun, creativity, expression and enjoyment. Using a variety of props, musical instruments, and stories, children learn to move their bodies in many different ways and identify different parts of their bodies, building confidence through dance in their nursery setting. There is no formal uniform required for this class. If you would like your child’s nursery to be considered as a venue for hosting classes, please use our contacts form to enquire about this service.

Pre-School Dance:
Following the Royal Academy of Dance Pre-School Dance Curriculum, our classes at this level provide a creative, energetic and imaginative introduction to dance for young children, within a studio setting. Fun filled classes, learning dance through stories, make believe, and with the use of props and musical instruments. There are no expectations placed on children at these levels, as it’s all about having a go and joining in! Parents do not accompany children into the studio.
Children progress to level 2 the year prior to starting school (Approximately).
Level 1: Ages 2 – 3 ½
Level 2: Ages 3 ½ – 5 approximately.

RAD Pre-Primary and Primary in Dance
With an emphasis on expression, dynamics and imagination, at these levels the children begin to learn the basics of classical technique. The RAD Pre-Primary and Primary in Dance syllabi, together with a variety of orchestral music and the use of props and musical instruments, allows children to express themselves through dance, gaining an all-round basic knowledge and experience, as well as a confidence to progress onto the next level.

Pupils begin Pre-Primary in Dance at approximately Primary 1 age, then progress onto Primary in Dance once they have achieved their Class Award.

RAD Ballet and SQA:
As of January 2012, SQA Authority have given credit to our RAD syllabus, and now students who are successful in passing their examinations (Grade 1 and above) can acquire credits per examination which can be put towards their future University applications. Please follow the link if you would like more information on SQA accreditation:

Quote from the RAD:
“Learning ballet requires patience and continual study over time. It is recommended that the commitment for students studying for a Graded examination or Presentation class should be a minimum of one class a week with extra coaching in the period leading up to the examination, particularly as the student progresses towards the higher levels”.

RAD Grades 1 – 8 Ballet
Students follow the Royal Academy of Dance Graded Examination system, progressing through the levels, increasing their dance vocabulary, and taking their Examinations at the relevant times. The Graded syllabus combines Classical Ballet technique (the main aspect to their classes), as well as the addition of character, and free movement styles. With the introduction of the New Grades 1-3 syllabus (and soon to come New Grades 4-5), pupils learn a variety of Classical Ballet vocabulary through comprehensive exercise settings. There is a strong focus on movement quality, dynamics, musicality, technique and expression. (For more information on the RAD Grades Examination Syllabus, please click on the following link:

RAD Vocational Graded Classes:
Talented students looking to progress to a more professional level, with strong classical technique and those who have reached a high standard in their RAD Graded Examinations can attend these classes. Students attend by invitation only. The class encompasses syllabus and non-syllabus work, in order to give students a well-rounded knowledge of Classical Vocabulary. Students normally begin at the barre, and then move into the centre for centre practice, centre work, allegro and pointe work (for girls).

Scholars Ballet Classes:
Talented students who have gained Distinction (Gold), in their RAD Examinations, or who show an aptitude for classical ballet are invited to attend these classes. Scholars continue to develop their classical vocabulary as well as technique and performance skills. Pupils should maintain an excellent class attendance record, as well as showing a keenness to learn and progress, together with a positive attitude in class and towards their ballet training.

Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus and Examination system:
Edinburgh Ballet teaches pupils the prestigious Royal Academy of dance syllabus.
All students at Edinburgh Ballet are encouraged to enter for their Class Awards at ‘Pre-Primary in Dance’ level, Examinations for Primary in Dance, and Examinations in Classical Ballet from Grade 1 upwards, when they have reached the appropriate stage of their training.

At Edinburgh Ballet we believe that the RAD syllabus is exciting and inspirational for dancers, and can help them achieve their highest potential, when taught at a level that is appropriate to their emotional, cognitive and physical development.

“The RAD offers an internationally recognised portfolio of examinations and assessments which is designed to motivate and encourage students of all ages and levels of ability, through a systematic measurement of progress and attainment”. (Quote from RAD website)

For more information on the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus, please click on this link to view their website:

Ballet for beginners:
Children and students can begin ballet at any age. They will however be asked to attend a certain class initially in order to assess their ability, and from there will be placed into an appropriate class suitable for their age and ability. Please note that beginners may not be placed in a class with others of a similar age, and depending on ability may be required to begin in a lower level in order to progress their knowledge and technique.

Adult Ballet:
Our adult ballet class is a fun and relaxed class, working on the many aspects of classical ballet technique. Each week we begin at the barre in order to warm up the body, and progressing from there we move into the centre of the room for a series of exercises which will challenge the mind, and help tone the body. This class is a general level and is designed for all abilities, although a little experience is preferable. This class does not contain pointe work. Adults of all ages and abilities are welcome to our ballet class. The minimum age for our adult class is 18 years.

Adult Pilates:
At our adult Pilates classes you will work on all areas of the body. Muscle strengthening, stretching and relaxation are incorporated into the class. Pilates is great for anyone suffering from stiffness, or weak muscles and joints. It is a low impact form of body conditioning, focusing on the core muscles. Pilates helps to improve posture, strength, flexibility and joint mobility.

Modern Jazz:
Modern Jazz dance classes are a combination of both Modern and Jazz dance techniques. Both syllabus and non-syllabus exercise are taught in class. There is a strong focus on performance, dynamics, and flexibility within these classes. Children do not sit examinations for these classes but will have the chance to be part of our performances. This is a secondary class for those already taking ballet lessons. Discounts are given for taking more than one class. Please see the schedule for more information.

Boys Dance:
We welcome boys into all of our classes. Although we do not offer ‘boys only’ classes at present, our class content is suitable for both male and female dancers, and incorporates fun, energetic and expressive exercise and dances.

Performance Information:
Each year, children and students have the opportunity to take part in our annual performances, even the youngest dancers who attend our studio classes. Performances have so far been held at Howden Park Centre, Livingston, and the Music Box, Edinburgh College. Every second year the dancers put on a large theatre performance with a variety of themes, costumes and characters, then in between years a smaller ‘technical ‘performance with a more simple costume.

RAD Ballet Class Awards and Examinations:
Children are invited to enter for the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance Class Awards and Examinations, from Pre-Primary in Dance upwards. Pupils prepare exercise and dances during their classes, and when they have reached a suitable standard can be entered for the appropriate Class Award or Examination. It is at the discretion of the Principal as to when each child is put forward to enter. Pupils will be entered for their certifications in one of the three sessions throughout the year.

Dance Competitions:
Students are invited to apply for the RAD Junior Awards Day competitions which are held annually in Edinburgh. Parents and pupils will be made aware of the events as they come up. Please ask the teacher or check on the website under ‘what’s new’ for more information.

Choreography Competitions:
Each year we hold a choreography competition. A chance for pupils to put their own ideas into practise! Pupils in Pre-Primary in Dance and upwards are invited to compete in this friendly event. The winner gets to perform their piece on stage at our annual performance.

Pointe Work:
Pointe work is for those students studying at a vocational level only. Pupils are chosen when physically and cognitively ready to begin their pointe training. In order to start pointe work, students should have a good classical technique as well as a mature outlook on dance and classical ballet.

Theatre Outings:
Theatre outings are offered throughout the academic year for pupils to attend, and are normally those held in Edinburgh Theatres. Some of the companies we have seen so far:
Scottish Ballet
Northern Ballet
Breakin’ Convention

What's New?


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Well done to our lovely dancer Heather who has just started her additional training with Royal Ballet at their Associates classes on Saturdays in Newcastle! Heather will travel to Newcastle each week in order to receive her coaching, together with other talented young pupils from around North of England and Scotland. Heather was successful in gaining a coveted place on the Royal Ballet School's Junior Associates course after auditioning with hundreds of other hopeful children earlier this year. As well as this she also attends Scottish Ballet Associate classes monthly in Glasgow alongside her weekly training with Edinburgh Ballet!   [read more]

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