Terms and Conditions

Edinburgh Ballet School Guidelines

At Edinburgh Ballet, we hope to create a safe and happy environment for learning dance. In order to achieve this, please observe our guidelines below.


  • All children and students are expected to show respect and kindness to teachers, adults and peers within our dance school.
  • Foul language and bullying will not be tolerated, and may result in dismissal from the school.
  • Children and students are the responsibility of Edinburgh Ballet teachers when in the studio, during class time only.
  • The studio is not a play area, and children should not run around or play in it or play on the barre.
  • All breakages must be paid for.
  • Edinburgh Ballet accepts no responsibility for children’s behaviour outside of the studio.
  • Parents must take responsibility for child’s safety, behaviour and well-being before and after their class.
  • Parents are invited to observe their child’s class at an arranged time only.
  • In order to avoid wasting class time, parents and carers should email the office with any queries, and avoid entering the studio to chat with the teacher where possible.
  • Water bottles can be brought into class, for any students in ‘Primary in Dance’ or above. Only pull-up tops are permitted, as screw tops are liable to spill.
  • Drinking breaks are at the discretion of the teacher. No juice is permitted, water ONLY.
  • Food or chewing gum is not permitted in the studio.
  • Jewellery, tattoos or nail polish should not be worn to class.



  • Fees are due in advance of each term, and are offered at an ‘Early Bird’ rate for those paying by a designated date.
  • Fees received after the specified ‘Early Bird’ date, will be charged at a higher rate, as noted on all invoices. Discounts for multiple classes are no longer included after Early Bird cut off date has passed.
  • ALL fee must be paid in full, within the first two weeks of each term, otherwise and pupils will not be permitted to participate in classes until fees are paid in full. At which point an extra administration charge will be added for late payment.
  • Any fees received at an incorrect rate will be invoiced for the remaining amount. This includes, fees received via BACS at the Early Bird rate, after the specified date.
  • Fee invoices will be emailed to the given address of the bill payer 2 weeks prior to being due.
  • It is the responsibility of parents/carers/participants to contact Edinburgh Ballet if they are experiencing email problems, or if their email address requires updating.
  • Missed classes must be paid for; however students can make up their missed classes by attending another class at an appropriate level. Please contact the Principal firstly.
  • Class fees are for weekly lessons only, and are not inclusive of class awards, examinations, performances, competitions or other related activities.
  • Fees will not be refunded in the event of a cancelled class.



  • Edinburgh Ballet requires that one full term or ten weeks’ notice (not including the East, Summer or Christmas holidays) is given in writing, or via email when withdrawing the school. This allows us to determine numbers for each class in the following term, as well as organising advanced studio bookings and staff teaching places.
  • Fees for a term’s notice must be paid in full regardless of whether the student attends classes or not. Classes can be made up for any missed classes
  • Failure to give the required written notice will result in receiving an invoice for the amount due, as well as any late fees incurred.



  • Students and children should arrive on time for each class.
  • When entering the studio late, please come in quietly without disrupting the teacher or other dancers.
  • Parents are responsible for collecting their children on time. The teacher cannot be responsible for children who are picked up late.
  • Absences should be kept to a minimum in order to maintain good progression in class. Regular absence can result in dropping behind the rest of the class, and a lack of confidence particularly in younger children.
  • Students in RAD Grade 1 and above should aim to have no more than one absence per term.
  • Frequent absences may result in dismissal from the school.
  • Lack of attendance prior to shows or examinations may result in a pupil being withdrawn from the particular event. Refunds will not be given in these circumstances.



  • Term dates run in line with Edinburgh City Council, school’s academic calendar. There are however certain holidays where classes may run as normal, providing the studios are not closed. Please check our schedule for further information on term dates.
  • Classes may continue to run throughout the February and October holidays, however do not run during Easter, summer, or Christmas holidays (Edinburgh City Council School holiday dates only).
  • All term dates and holidays can be viewed on our Schedule page.



  • Edinburgh Ballet will endeavour not to cancel classes; however this may be unavoidable in certain circumstances, for example in severe weather.
  • Pupils will be asked to make up any cancelled classes by attending another class at an appropriate level.
  • Fees will not be refunded in the event of a cancelled class.



  • Pupils should adhere to their class uniform. This includes hair styles for class. Uniform and hair requirements are in place in order to maintain safety, hygiene, and a tidy appearance for dance class.
  • From Pre-Primary in Dance and above, girls must have their hair in a secure bun or crossed braids, using pins and a hair net. Pre-school children can wear a pony tail or bun. Boys should have any long hair held back.
  • All uniform items should be named.



  • Examinations sessions and entries are made at the discretion of the Principal at appropriate times during the academic year.
  • Students will only be entered for RAD Examinations when they have reached the appropriate stage of their training, and are physically and cognitively prepared to do so. Decisions are made at the discretion of the Principal.
  • Pupils are assessed entirely on an individual basis. Every pupil has the option not to enter for examinations, but are encouraged to do so for progression purposes. If a child does not want to take part in the examination, the child will not be automatically permitted to move into the next level. This is at the Principal’s discretion.
    Further information on the RAD Examinations and Syllabus can be found on their website: www.rad.org.uk



  • Students are invited to participate in our annual performance on specified dates.
  • Excellent class and rehearsal attendance is expected for those performing.
  • Parents and pupils are expected to adhere to the guidelines set out in our performance letter relating to rehearsals, class attendance, uniform/hair/costume requirements, and parental assistance, fundraising, and performance costs.



  • All Edinburgh Ballet teachers are trained to a high standard.
  • Edinburgh Ballet RAD registered teachers participate in mandatory Continual Professional Development, therefore keeping up to date with any changes in RAD syllabus, examinations and teaching strategies, in order for that your child is being taught by a professional who is trained to a current and up to date standard.
  • All teachers hold an Enhanced Disclosure or PVG Certificate, insurance and where possible a First Aid Certified.
  • On occasions it may be necessary for a teacher to touch a child in a professional manner in order to assist the child’s understanding of a specific movement, or exercise.
  • If a child becomes upset within a dance class, the teacher may console a child by giving them a cuddle if feel it is necessary.
  • All RAD teaching staff at Edinburgh Ballet adhere to the Royal Academy of Dance ‘Code of Conduct’.



Edinburgh Ballet is committed to creating an atmosphere that enables children and young people to learn and develop in a safe environment.
We recognise that it is a privilege to work with children and young people and that it is also a great responsibility. Parents/guardians trust Edinburgh Ballet to look after their children and to care for them, give leadership, and keep them safe. This we intend to ensure.
Edinburgh Ballet will take appropriate steps to ensure that children and young people are not exposed to reasonably foreseeable risk of injury, whether to their physical or mental health, or well being. Edinburgh Ballet is committed to the protection from harm and the safeguarding of all children and young people who attend its activities. Edinburgh Ballet believes that all staff, children and young people deserve to be treated with respect and kindness, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or disability.


Types of bullying and abuse:

  • Verbal/Emotional: name calling, sarcasm, humiliation, rumour spreading etc.
  • Physical: kicking, hitting, pushing, pinching etc.
  • Sexual comments or unwanted physical contact.


Child Protection Policy:
The Purpose of this Policy:

  • To provide protection to all children and young people who attend our classes.
  • To provide information to any staff or volunteers within our school, as to procedures that may be taken in the event of a child or young person experiencing bullying or reporting a case of child abuse.


Edinburgh Ballet aims to:

  • Provide a safe and happy environment for learning.
  • Treat our pupils as individuals, and with the respect they deserve.
  • Value them, and listen to any concerns they may have.
  • Respond to any worries expressed by a child or young person, and alert the correct persons or authorities if necessary.
  • Encourage all pupils to be kind and respectful to one another.
  • Make sure all teaching staff are suitably disclosed, or PVG Certified, as well as equipped to teach children and young people.
  • Responsibly using children’s photographs without surnames, or any sensitive information which could lead to them being located.


Links/Useful contacts:
Childline: 0800 1111 (http://www.childline.org.uk)
NSPCC: 0808 800 5000 (http://www.nspcc.org.uk/)



Edinburgh Ballet Privacy Policy








  • Names, date of birth, address, email address, phone number, photos and video are all forms of personal data that Edinburgh Ballet will collect and process.
  • Personal data is collected by way of a registration form, and in some cases via email.
  • Photographs are collected via email, social media and on occasions via text messaging.






  • Personal data will be transferred onto our system from registration forms or email into a secure password protected storage system, and any paper copies containing personal details will be stored in a locked cabinet, or if no longer required will be safely destroyed.
  • Photos or video of dance students may be used for marketing and advertising purposes with Edinburgh Ballet, when written permission of parents is given via our registration forms or via email expressly from parents.
  • Photographs or video may be posted to our Edinburgh Ballet Facebook page, Edinburgh Ballet Instagram profile or Edinburgh Ballet website.
  • From May 2018 onward no names will be used in conjunction with photographs or videos for the above purposes.
  • Personal information will never be shared with any other third party, other than the Royal Academy of Dance for the use of Candidate I.D numbers for entry to examinations under the RAD. Rad also have their own secure system, where candidate details are held safely.
  • Personal information may also be entered onto our secure administration system Dance Biz’ for invoicing, class register and management purposes. Only the Principal will have access to personal information, and staff will have access to registers with student’s names, and emergency telephone numbers.
  • Personal data is never shared by Edinburgh Ballet with any third parties, other than the Royal Academy of Dance, and for our use of the ‘Dance Biz’ management system.
  • All personal data relating to students, parents and staff will be stored on an external storage system which is securely protected by a password.






  • Our Legal Basis for requiring personal data and information is for the use of parent and dance school contract agreements, and for the use of entry into examinations or class awards with the Royal Academy of Dance via Edinburgh Ballet.


  • Contractual purposes between Edinburgh Ballet and an individual (students, staff or a parent/guardian).




  • Personal data is stored in the above manners whilst a person is part of Edinburgh Ballet as either a student, parent of a student, or a staff member.
  • Once a person has withdrawn from Edinburgh Ballet by written confirmation, any data relating to that person will be deleted within one month of the member’s final class or event with Edinburgh Ballet.
  • Photographs or video with a person who has withdrawn from Edinburgh Ballet may still be used for marketing and advertising purposes, however only in the event that the person has given express permission, or when a person is in a group photograph or video with no names or locations are  attached.






  • All members and parents/guardians of Edinburgh Ballet students have the right to complain to the ICO should they feel their data is not being used correctly. However, we do hope that parent’s will come forward to us firstly in order to resolve any complaints they may have.




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